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In response to a flurry of requests from several influential fluid power manufacturers of the day to fill a void in the Memphis market, in June of 1969 Franklin Automation Company was founded. Three members of the Franklin family (Robert, Cornell, and Richard) decided to take a bold step and liquidated as many of their assets as possible in an all or nothing gamble to form a company to serve the fluid power industry.

Originally, Franklin was formed to offer pneumatic and hydraulic components but, over the past thirty years the company has evolved into a distributor of fluid power components and systems, as well as, Automation inc machine, automation, motion controls and robotics.

The company has increased its size substantially both in terms of employees and office space. Franklin was founded and operated by three people and has expanded into an over 40 employee venture operating out of four branch offices. Now at its third physical location, the company has actually expanded its 3844 Watman location three times to accommodate its corporate operations. Over the years Franklin has opened a branch office in Fort Smith (1990's), as well as, acquiring AHC in Jackson MS (1997), and the Weston Company in Louisiana in 2000.

At the beginning of 2016, in order to keep up with the company's expanded scope and industry coverage, Franklin Electrofluid Co Inc, became Franklin Automation Inc. This name change more clearly identifies our overall core competencies as an organization.

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